the wait at week 40

It was finally 40 weeks, my heart was excited yet afraid to face the fact that my baby was coming out soon. Up to this point, I am still unsure of the gender even after the 13th visit to the gynae at Mt Alvernia Hospital- Dr Kenneth Lee. I must say, he is definitely an experienced gynae who delivered his 3 children all by himself. By the way, his wife works at the same clinic as him as a PD!

So after the long wait, Elora or Eleanzer  was to be induced next friday on the 14 Jan since there was no signs of cervical dilation and my placenta is shrinking (lesser nutrients for baby). I was clearing my annual leaves which were bought forward from the previous year so it doesn’t matter anyways! As I was packing my hospital bag, imagination runs wild. The scene of giving birth from channel 8 drama kept flashing in my mind and I couldn’t concentrate. I googled through what to pack and choose the most unisex clothing I could find just in case it is a baby boy. My instinct told me its a little girl so trust that!

Before the decision to induce, Dr Kenneth warned that there could be possibility of a c-section should the tablet didn’t work out if there is no signs of cervical dilation. By the way, he is v pro natural so I feel that I am on safe hands. But I went forward to induce as the baby was getting heavy and bigger each day. I do not think that I can handle the weight anymore since I am a skinny lady weighing 40KG before pregnant and 65KG at the 10th month. But sad to say, even at the 10mth of pregnancy, those that gave up their seats to me are mostly very old aunties/uncles or pregnant ladies themselves.I guess the older generations had better moral value defined during their era as compare to the younger ones who feel a strong sense of entitlement maybe because they thought they are also commuters who paid for their fares.

That aside, I went for my routine check-up on the 13th Jan hoping that my cervic was at least 2cm dilated. But nope, there’s nothing. So I went back home again to wait. Did some last minute cleaning and arranging my mother’s luggage to prepare for my precious newborn. My mother will be helping me with my confinement for a month so I felt at ease. At least with her around, I wouldn’t be hopping mad with a newborn figuring out what to do.


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