going out.

Anxious to bring your baby out for the first time? Not sure where to go or what to pack? Fret not!

Ideally, you should have bought a stroller with full recline or an ergonomic carrier in order to bring baby out. But you can also hand carry baby using just your muscular bare arms.

As a first time mother, I feel confident using a Tula carrier with an infant insert. Since I wasn’t a very hands-on person, and my baby is born big, baby sling or a ring sling is a big no-no. I bought my Tula and the infant insert from an authorised reseller call the Pupsik Studio: https://www.pupsikstudio.com/. They do free delivery for orders above $150 so I saved myself the hassle to go all the way down to baby fair to buy one. I became a VIP member instantly for a year upon payment . The benefit is, I am entitled a 20% discounts on all their regular items on their e-store for a year. The good thing about buying from them is that they provide warranty for up to a year.It has came to my attention that there was this particular promotion in a baby fair that bundles Tula carrier together with the Joovy stroller at a very competitive pricing. However, it doesn’t comes with any warranty. The worst thing is, Tula official doesn’t recognise these carriers as their products since it is not bought from the authorised reseller. Hence I decided that it is not worth running this risk.

My Tula Navigator. It is recommended that parents purchase the infant insert too to ensure the safety of their child. I have seen a few parents running the risk of carrying their newborns without the insert. The newborn may just fall down from the carrier since they are still small in size.


I also bought a Capella Adonis stroller and a Capella Laon from Taime to lighten my load when I’m out. Capella Adonis is a one hand stroller suitable for public transport due to the ease of use while Capella Laon is a heavy weight stroller, more suited for parents staying near the LRT or train stations. For me, both works equally fine since Elora loves both and sleeps instantly in them.


List of items to bring out:

  1. 3 milk bottles
  2. Themo flask with hot water & Water at room temperature
  3. Milk powder placed in canisters
  4. 5 pcs of diapers
  5. Wet wipes
  6. Changing mat
  7. 1 set of spare clothing including socks
  8. Pacifiers if baby is using
  9. 1 x plastic bag

That should be able to last you 12 hours.

So comes the question, where should we bring baby out?  It is to your preference! As long as the mall has  proper nursing room for changing diapers, a place to latch baby when she is hungry and hot/cold water dispensers, you are safe!

So we ended up bringing Elora to the Sea Aquarium since it was Chinese New Year.



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