post-natal care.

The nurses at the ward were very helpful. Especially nurse Glenda, the night shift nurse who was constantly checking on me so that I could feel at ease. I told her I have no on-hand experience in handling a newborn and is at a total loss. I also mentioned to her that I am a “slow” mother and that Elora may have to be very patient with me since I do things slowly. She laughed and told me not to worry. Fast/slow mothers are both good mothers. It set my heart at ease. I was amazed at the kind of quality of health care that I received although I was only staying in a 4-bedder ward. Initially I wanted to opt for a 2 bedder instead but due to additional cost for a rare condition of my blood type O- and baby followed the dominant blood type of O+, I needed to take 3 jabs before and after child birth to ensure that if I were to have a 2nd child, my blood type will not pass the baby out like a bacteria. Hence I decided to go for a 4 bedder instead to save some cost.

On a side note, I personally feels that it is important to have an experience gynae to be with you throughout the pregnancy. I wasn’t even aware of my own blood type of O- since I am always underweight and has no chance of donating my blood, thus not knowing my blood type. It also came as a shock to me since my parents and siblings are all O+. I couldn’t imagine that if I were to opt for a lesser experience gynae around my neighbourhood to save some cost, I may have gotten myself into a bigger trouble of birth complication when I want to conceive a second child.

So back to my topic. It was a pleasant stay. On day 2, I was staying alone at the ward like a single bedder room. I got to enjoy a little me-time before baby is being pushed in. There was a lactation consultant to advise me on breast-feeding and teaching first time parents like me on how to correctly latch baby onto the breasts.

However, I wasn’t ready for breast feeding as my blood count was low. So the nurses advised me not to breast feed since I will be doing a blood transfusion that evening. It made me extremely guilty that I wasn’t able to provide my own milk for my baby.


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